Sunday, October 28, 2018

Silver Ingots Blog

Since February 17, 2013, I've had the opportunity to share my interest in silver ingots and my collection through just less than 200 posts and almost 100,000 page views. It has been rewarding to see how interest in silver ingots in general but U.S.Government silver ingots in particular has grown during this time and I like to think that Silver Ingots Blog in some positive way influenced that.
With time comes change; the most noticeable has been my lack of time over the past year or so to dedicate to blogging. Technology has certainly changed as well. When I began this adventure in 2013 the blog seemed like an advanced way to communicate to fellow silver ingot enthusiasts. Today, social media resources are limitless and instantaneous; the blog now seems almost archaic. 
My collection focus has changed over the past two years or so and is now totally focused on U.S Government silver ingots. I have parted with my entire 5 oz hallmark collection so out of respect to the new owner, I do not feel that I should continue to have pictures of what is now his collection posted on my blog. 
The blog was never a platform that provided ease of research so as time allows in the future I want to work with the information I have on U.S Government silver ingots and create a better platform for research of information; not sure exactly what that is yet but will keep everyone posted as it develops. 
Thanks to all for the support over the years, almost 100,000 page views blows my mind!

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